Monday, February 21, 2011

Magdalena, New Mexico- haunting and amazing

Roughly an hour and 1/2 south of Albuquerque, lies the sleepy town of Magdalena, NM, teeming with history. Established in 1884, Magdalena was once a bustling, wealthy rail town, which supported mining communities such as Kelly, New Mexico on it's outskirts. Sadly Magdalena peaked in 1925. Many amazing buildings still remain within the small community which is nestled below the Magdalena Peak. My friend and I happened into town after a pretty good snow storm, and was able to catch some amazing shots of snow on the mountains, as well, as the town itself. We were unable to access Kelly, as the road had not been plowed, so we missed out on one of the most amazing old cemeteries in the state. (I visited as a kid.) So, it's my mission to one day go back and photograph Kelly. Magdalena did have a seriously impressive cemetery however.

I will let the photo's speak for themselves.

Magdalena Peak

Leaving town

I thought the children"s section of the current library was hauntingly beautiful.