Tuesday, March 15, 2011

High Rolls, New Mexico

25 miles above the sprawling landscape of Alamogordo, NM, sits High Rolls nestled in the mountains. A small, quiet village known for it's cherry and apple orchards and gorgeous mountain living. I can trace my ancestry (father's side) back to a tiny fruit stand that still stands on the side of the highway to this day. As my children ran around in the dead leaves next to the fruit stand, I realized they were the 4th generation to play in that spot.

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The family fruit stand.

Another old fruit stand.

One of the oldest buildings in High Rolls. Most likely an old bar or general store.

I have an interesting story about this next building. From the front, it seems perfectly quiet and quaint, all while still mysterious. I think it was once an old store. As I walked around back, I got the most uneasy feeling I've ever had next to a building. (And I've been around some creepy places in my life, even as a little girl.) Nothing has bothered me as much as being next to this building. I felt uneasy and didn't want to get closer to the back portion than I had to. Almost like someone or something was watching me. SO creepy!


Back- it still kinda creeps me out.