Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La Luz, New Mexico- Artsy and Rustic

Immediately North of Alamogordo, New Mexico (where my Mom resides) lies a teeny rustic community nestled in the Tularosa basin, called La Luz. A small town where one lane roads criss-cross and intersect and take you back somewhere in time. I can only imagine the history of this small village that contains an old village plaza, houses and barns set back behind huge cottonwood trees, original gates and fences made of wood, and a creek used as an aqueduct system that runs down the side of Water Road from the mountains.

Rustic and serene, an artist's paradise, La Luz feels and breathes peace and quiet. The large trees sway in the breeze of the crisp Winter day, lazily releasing their dried leaves of gold to the ground and across streets. Truly and amazing step back in time this peaceful town is.

La Luz, New Mexico is located approximately 10 miles North of Alamogordo, New Mexico, just south of Tularosa. La Luz was established around 1864 (though there is some dispute over this) and was part of Mexico until 1848. La Luz is currently mostly residential and agricultural.

I urge you to visit La Luz and take a special trip down Water Road where time seems to stand still.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! :) It looks very peaceful.

  2. LOVE this!! Those pics are awesome. Can't wait to see all the places you visit.

  3. That sounds amazing! I'm so excited about this blog and cannot wait to see more posts (:

  4. That first photo is really spectacular


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